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Hey, I'm Matt. Matěj Adámek in full. Online, I present myself as Mattved, which is a wordplay on my name and the Czech term for my spirit animal, the bear (medvěd).

I am a data analyst, graduate student of Economics, and an aspiring mathematics teacher. Key causes one might guess while listening to me include education towards critical thinking and responsible resource management. My free time is devoted to landscape and architecture photography, roaming tourist-free streets of european cities, computer gaming, digital art, or cooking. I also used to swim a lot, but stick to cycling nowadays.

And this is my blog. A place where I share my thoughts on daily struggless, books, and wonderful opportunities. Just open My Scribbles in the menu up top and explore the fringe of my mind. My Views section might give you a more general context as to why I think the way I do, while My Squad presents the people I've been inspired by for one reason or another.

E-mail: matt(at)

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